Hadoop & KVM Live Migration

The first test accomplished in our KVM + Hadoop environment was to test KVM “Live Migration” while a MapReduce job was executing. so we built 2 KVM servers, kvmubuntu and kvmubuntu2. Then we built a KVM Virtual Machine which was exported from an NFS server which was mounted to both kvmubuntu and kvmubuntu2 servers. Then the MapReduce test job was executed and while it was running, we did a Live Migration from kvmubuntu to kvmubuntu2. Below are screenshots from the process:

1) first we execute the MapReduce job on kvmubuntu and get ready to start he live migration:


2) Then we kicked off the live migration. Quickly it jumped to 47% shown on the left of the screenshot below. on the right shows the MapReduce job executing.


3) in this next screenshot we see that the MapReduce job continues, while the live migration is continuing as well. We are now up to 65% completed on the live migration, MapReduce continues to run


4) Then finally the MapReduce job completes, while the live migration is almost completed at the same time, it is now 99% complete:


5) Finally the live migration has completed, the VM horton0nfs is shut off on the kvmubuntu server and is status “running” on localhost which is the kvmubntu2 server.



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